Frequently Asked Questions & CV Service Buyer’s Guide

CV Writing Service Buyer’s Guide – How do you know which service is the best one?

At SharpCV we appreciate there are many CV companies who seem to offer the same thing, yet there are huge differences in the price and quality of service being offered. We have prepared you a quick checklist to help you make the right decision with your purchase.

3 things to ask before you purchase your new CV:

1. Am I speaking to the person who will actually prepare my CV or are you a sales person?
2. Do you have an office where I can make an appointment to discuss my CV in person?
3. Do you offer a Moneyback Guarantee if I don’t get an Interview with the new CV?

At SharpCV We can answer “YES” to all of the above questions.


Q) Why do some other companies charge more than SharpCV? – Surely they offer a better service at that price!?

A) Do they hire sales people? If so you are paying for them! We cut out the middleman.
There are other companies who charge hundreds of pounds more than SharpCV but this isn’t because they are offering a better service. It is because often the extra fee goes into the pockets of the sales person who sold you the service rather than the consultant who writes it.

At SharpCV we offer a Premium CV Service at an affordable price because we cut out the middleman. With us you speak directly with a consultant, we don’t hire any sales people and the consultant you speak with is the consultant who will prepare your CV.

Q) I need a CV tomorrow! Do you have an Express Service?

A) We have Express 24/48 Hour services available for extra charge otherwise our standard turnaround time is 3 working days for the Quick CV Service and 5 working days for the Telephone/Office CV Services. (Please note we often work at or near capacity and so cannot always offer next day turnaround but we will advise you on our availability when you call).

Q) What is the difference between your Quick CV and Telephone/Office CV Services?

The Quick CV Service is an email-based service. We will take your existing CV, update the  job description text, add a new profile/skill section and prepare it in a new, modern format tailored to the type of roles you are looking for before sending back to you within 3 working days. If you don’t have a CV to begin with you just complete the SharpCV Career Questionnaire and we will work from that to create your new CV.

The Telephone/Office CV Services are different in that they are more of a consultancy service. We will review additional information including your recent job descriptions and research job adverts for the roles you are looking to apply for to ensure we have completely up-to-date market information. We will then discuss your skills and experience with you and draw out your best achievements. At the end of the appointment you then have the chance to discuss any tricky career-related questions with your consultant.

We also offer a Moneyback Interview Guarantee with the Telephone CV Appointment service so that you can be assured of a good result from your extra investment.

Q) What If I want you to make changes to the CV you send me?

A) No problem. We send all CV’s to you as a virtually complete draft for your comments before adding in your amendments and sending you the final version.

Q) Can I edit the CV myself in the future?

A) Yes you can. We provide all CV’s in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily edit your CV yourself in the future.

Q) What makes SharpCV Different?

A) At SharpCV we are a client-focused consultancy. We don’t start work without gaining a solid idea of your requirements. We then prepare a bespoke CV which is tailored to the industry sector you want to apply for. We go the extra mile for our clients by regularly researching extra industry information and analysing job adverts to ensure your CV contains the relevant keywords sought after by recruiters in your chosen sector. We are not a typing company.

We also offer telephone & office appointments, a moneyback guarantee and specialist consultants.

Q) Do you have an office where I can make an appointment to discuss my CV in person?

A) We have offices in London and Manchester where you can make an appointment and speak with a consultant in person. We also offer telephone appointments.

Q) Do you offer a Moneyback Guarantee if I don’t get an Interview with the new CV?

A) At SharpCV we are extremely successful in securing interviews for our clients with the CV’s we prepare for them. We offer a full 100% Moneyback Guarantee if we can’t get an interview for you and you have paid for our Telephone CV Service. Full Terms here.

Q) Why don’t you offer “Free” CV Reviews?

A) Because ‘Free CV Reviews’ are rarely free! If you find a company charging hundreds of pounds and you have come to them through some kind of Free CV Review then be aware that they have to cover the costs of the hundreds of “Free” Reviews they completed but didn’t get paid for.

In addition, if you have come to them through a Free CV Review via a jobsite bear in mind they will also often have to pay the jobsite a sizeable referral fee if you sign up to them. These are costs which have nothing to do with the quality of the CV they are preparing but costs you have to pay for with the inflated price they are charging you.

At SharpCV we keep our prices reasonable because we don’t offer Free CV Reviews. If we did we would have to pay sales people or consultants to conduct hundreds of Free CV Reviews every week and then we would have to put our prices up and pass that cost onto you (and we don’t want to do that!).

Q) How do I pay for your Service?

A) Online, by Phone or with PayPal: Please call 01617 265877 to place your order via debit/credit card. Alternatively you can pay online via our online booking service or pay via PayPal. Simply call us and let us know what service you would like and we will send you a link to a PayPal payment page. (You don’t need a PayPal account to complete payment).

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